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Garage to Gym Conversion

We will transform your garage from a dark, damp, dusty space to a high quality, practical and unique home gym space ready for you to enjoy.

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Free estimates to complete your dream conversion

As part of the comprehensive service we offer, a free estimate for your build is included as standard.

Special free 3D drawings available

We provide you with free 3D drawings so you can see how your finished conversion will look before the work is carried out

10-Year Build Guarantee for complete peace of mind

With our trusted 10-Year Build Guarantee as standard on all our work, you have complete peace of mind.

Our garage to gym conversions are designed to transform your current neglected garage into a modern and convenient gym space.

  • Fast and reliable build
  • All work fully guaranteed
  • Fully customised design and build

Gym Conversion
Key Considerations:


Choosing the right flooring is crucial for a home gym. You’ll want a surface that is durable, easy to clean, and provides adequate support for various types of exercises. If you prefer weightlifting, consider using heavy-duty mats to protect the floor.


Proper ventilation is essential to maintain a comfortable and breathable environment in your home gym. Since physical exertion generates heat and moisture, it’s important to install proper ventilation systems such as exhaust fans or vents which we can provide for you.


Ample lighting is crucial for a home gym to ensure safety and visibility during workouts. Natural light is ideal, so consider installing windows or skylights if feasible.


Integrating mirrors into your home gym is beneficial for monitoring form and technique during exercises. Large, full-length mirrors on the walls can help you maintain proper alignment and prevent injury. We can provide bespoke or off the shelf options for you.


Soundproofing measures are important to minimize noise transmission to the rest of the house. Since some gym equipment and exercises can produce noise and vibrations, consider adding insulation to the walls, ceilings, and floors. Acoustic panels or foam can be installed to absorb sound and reduce echoes.

Electrical Considerations

Evaluate the electrical needs of your home gym. Ensure that the electrical circuitry can handle the power requirements of your equipment. Install sufficient electrical outlets strategically throughout the space to avoid the need for extension cords.

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We offer unique, tailor-made makeovers

Whatever you need, we can plan and implement custom tailor-made makeovers and conversions for you.

Excellent customer service at all times

We are real specialists in these types of conversions and we pride ourselves on the highest levels of customer service.

10-year build guarantee on all work

You get complete peace-of-mind knowing that all our work comes with a comprehensive 10-year build guarantee.

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View a slideshow of a recent gym conversion that we carried out in Finchley.

“Very happy with our garage which has been a dumping ground for 12 years and is now a warm, dry room for a music studio, gym and den for my son. Louis is very professional to deal with, and Michael who completed most of the work was punctual, polite and a pleasure to have around. Highly recommended if you are thinking of converting your garage into a more usable space.”

Kate D’Azzo
Trust-a-Trader Review




Just send an enquiry or call us on 01753 720077 and we will give initial help and guidance to establish the viability of your proposed project. Send us some photos of your garage we can offer further advice and a free price estimate.


We come to you to discuss your project design in detail, to include accurate measurements, structural integrity, damp ingress, draught-proofing, insulation, wall & floor finish, storage & cabinet requirements.


We will send you a fully specified quotation with a fixed price to carry out the work that you require for your full Garage Makeover, to get you the home gym that you have always dreamed of.

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How long can I expect my garage conversion makeover to take?

5-15 days. The exact time will depend on your individual requirements as our makeovers are unique and tailor made specifically for you.

Is the work guaranteed?

Yes. We offer a 10-year Build Guarantee

Are your prices competitive?

Yes. This work is our speciality, and we have the necessary experience and connections to enable us to offer competitive pricing,

Do you deal with Asbestos safely?

Yes we do, all asbestos is removed safely and HSE Fully- Certified. We are one of the few companies that offer this service.

Can you provide 3D designs before I go ahead with my build?

Yes we can – and with no charge!

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