We keep a whole range of bins, brackets and shelves, which are flexible and essential for any modern organised garage.

Our Wall & Ceiling treatment:

Our wall and ceiling treatment may consist of general repair, damp treatment, draught-proofing, timber battening, and insulation. If our heavy-duty wall panels have been opted for there will be no need for plastering or painting or other forms of decoration as a finished surface is created.

Our Wall Storage:

With our Versatile Steel Mesh Wall Grids and Sturdy Slatwall flexible hanging panels fitted to our heavy-duty wall boards, shelves and brackets can be fitted and moved around with ease, without the need for hammers or nails.

Your space:

Having a garage can often mean being able to have valuable dry storage space in which to archive important paperwork, store furniture, garden equipment or even to put a car! A neat and tidy garage tends to be a rarity, they mostly seem to be used as dumping grounds and run-down sheds for all those items that we believe we will use again one day! but never quite get round to. With rising house prices and the increased value of living space having a garage and being able to use it practically will always be beneficial.

In order to create the desired Garage space work may include:

  • The creation of inner timber studwork to walls allowing for the boxing in of pipes, cables, gas and electricity meters as required
  • Application of insulation to ceilings, walls and floors
  •  Fitting of New windows & Doors
  • Cladding of walls and ceilings in Smooth and sturdy Melamine faced MFC board
  • Fitting of skirting boards in white primed MDF
  • All first and second fix Garage Carpentry, Electrics, and Plumbing

What we offer:

Thanks to extensive R&D the product offers an R10 slip rating, it is also fire retardant and provides excellent levels of insulation, dust reduction and noise control.

Easy to maintain, our garage & workshop flooring has been designed to overcome almost any problematic installation issue, excessive wear, paint delamination, dust, damp or contamination.









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