We will banish the cold and draughts by insulating and draught-proofing your garage door, or we can even replace it completely by installing a new insulated electric roller or sectional door, or a side hinged Timber or PVC garage door. Our replacement doors offer superb weather protection, insulation and security.


Feeling safe in and around your home is important, therefore security is a prime consideration with Birkdale garage doors so they are all fitted with self -locking features as standard and anti-lift devices, preventing the door from being lifted by generating resistance when someone tries to open the door by hand. The locks on Birkdale garage doors are inspected and certified by the foundation for facade element quality – SKG. The SKG quality mark is an important security aspect.


Birkdale doors are equipped as standard with “force limiters” to ensure that in the event of slight resistance from, for instance, your child or car, the door automatically opens. Fitted as standard is also a spring-break safety device to ensure that in unforeseen situations the door cannot suddenly close, which could cause damage or be a safety hazard.

Style and finish of any colour:

Doors can be supplied in any painted colour or with the choice of over 120 vinyl finishes however there are certain advantages of a laminated finish over standard paint finished doors. Colourfast and Harder Wearing The multi-layer finish absorbs UV radiation by more than 95% ensuring the colours and wood grains are protected from fading and adverse weather effects. The transparent outer layer protects the colour and is designed to withstand European climate variations giving a long-term stable finish. The same finish can be applied to doors, windows and conservatories throughout so a colour match will always be found to enhance the appearance of your property.

**Garage Makeover (UK)** is London Agent for Birkdale Manufacturing Group [website] which is based in North Lincolnshire and is one of the largest manufacturers of quality insulated electric roller and sectional garage doors in the UK. As Agents for Birkdale, when you purchase your Garage Door you will be buying directly from a great British manufacturer and not a middle man.

If your garage door is a bit tired and lets in draught, damp and dust you can opt for one of our made to measure insulated garage doors. Space saving vertical operation releases much needed storage space in the garage roof area, thus enabling you to park as close as possible to the garage door when closed. With exceptional thermal and acoustic properties the insulated aluminium interlocking sections offer great benefits for integral garages, keeping the heat in and reducing your energy costs.

Birkdale Electric Roller and Sectional Garage Doors can be supplied in any painted colour or with the choice of over 120 vinyl finishes with 15-year colour-fast warranty to give you total peace of mind knowing that we will always get that colour match for you with a secure, quality product that will be perfectly fitted by experts, with a full on-site manufacturer guarantee of up to 15yrs.


For over 25 years Birkdale have made exhaustive changes to the range in order it to remain at the forefront of British industry, manufacturing some of the top products in the UK due to innovative designs.

We can proudly say that we can guarantee all of the below:

  • Thermal efficiency
  • Space Saving
  • Made to Measure
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Secure Insulated
  • Reduction in Sound
  • Vertical opening for more driveway space

Birkdale maxi Roller Door – 

Birkdale Maxi Roller Door- 300mm of headroom is required to house the box and is made from 78x20mm foam filled slats to suit openings up to 5500mm wide. The Maxi door requires headroom which is not always available.

Birkdale midi Roller Door – 

Birkdale Midi Roller Door – These doors require 250mm headroom allowing installation into smaller spaces, made from foam filled 55x14mm slats to suit openings up to 3500mm wide.

Birkdale mini Roller Door – 

Birkdale Mini Roller Door – Compact design requires only 205mm headroom and is made from 50x12mm high density foam filled slats to suit openings up to 3000mm.



With an authentic warm wood look and with the life and easy maintenance of a steel garage door, the Wood-Line series offers you a wide range of options. From completely classical with cassettes to exclusive and modern. You can hardly tell the Wood-Line panels from panels made of real wood and they give your home a refined, characterful appearance. However, they are as ‘hard’ as steel.

The basis of the Wood-Line garage door, just like the High-Line, is formed by 40mm steel sandwich panels with an insulating, fire-retardant foam core (CFC free). The panels have various wood surface textures and tactile embossment. This gives the door the warm feeling and exclusive appearance of real wood. The extra-thick steel skin guarantees a long life. Moreover, the panels, unlike real wood, are more or less maintenance free. We will manufacture your door to the size and style you desire.


For many people, the High-Line garage door provides the perfect combination of durability, functionality and class. It is not without reason that the doors from the High-Line series are the most commonly sold doors in our product range. The series offers a wide range of surface structures and profiles, from modern to classical. Your door is made to measure and supplied in the colour you desire.

Quality & Reliability:


A made to measure guide-rail system is used for opening and closing your garage door, the quality and stability of the rail set determines, to a large degree, the life of your overhead door. Birkdale have consciously chosen to use innovatively constructed rails manufactured from high-quality galvanised steel. Every garage door that leaves the factory is built to order. The production processes are fully automated, whist retaining flexibility. Accurately programmed machines guarantee exact dimensioning and check the processes to the millimetre and only high-quality materials are used in the production process. Quality and custom-made solutions come as standard.


Design-Line. These doors make an architectural statement. The 40mm thick steel skin is available in various designs: Umbra, Antra and Nature. Each has its own character. From modern and trendy to natural and timeless. With a DesignLine garage door, you make an architectural statement and add a special touch to your home.









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